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U4 or U-4 may refer to:

  • Anti-Corruption Resource Centre, based at the Chr. Michelsen Institute in Bergen, Norway
  • U4 (Berlin U-Bahn), a subway line in Berlin, Germany
  • U4 (Frankfurt U-Bahn), a subway line in Frankfurt, Germany
  • U4 spliceosomal RNA, a non-coding RNA component of the major U2-dependent spliceosome
  • German submarine U-4, one of several German submarines
  • Haplogroup U4 (mtDNA), a human genetic group
  • London Buses route U4
  • U-4, the U.S. Air Force version of the Aero Commander (aircraft).
  • U-4, the Japanese air self-defense force
  • U4, an unemployment figure released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • U4, unitary group of degree 4
  • U4, Buddha Air current IATA airline designator
  • U4, PMTair (former) IATA airline designator
  • U04, Severe acute respiratory syndrome ICD-10 code

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